The Comic

The Jane and Jack comic

  • 50 pages full color
  • extra prints
  • extra goodies

Project updates:

– digital sketching / tracing stage
– storyline and full pages sketches done
– storyline / sketches started


About Jane and Jack, the main heroes of the story.


The young fox terrier lost pup, who is always an optimist. Was rescued by Jane in town and immediately took to her.

His strengths are a keen nose who will “smell out” trouble and fun times, and will always go for it, nevermind the danger or difficulty.


Jane, the sometimes bitter, mostly sarcastic young lady, who’s always up for an adevnture, even if she’s say otherwise.

She used to be a dj, she’s an artist, and a freelancer.
She found Jack in town and immediately bonded, she loves her sidekick energetic buddy.